Technology & Study Spaces

The OAR houses two conference rooms, with an average capacity of 18-22, as well as a demonstration/collaboration lab, digital learning lab, and a collaboration station.

These spaces are available for peer tutoring meetings, small or large group review sessions, and for student group meetings on a first come, first served basis. Please submit all space reservation requests via e-mail to Please be sure to indicate:

  1. Name of your organization
  2. Date, start time and length of event
  3. Contact person for event, along with e-mail and mobile number
  4. Expected number of attendees

How-To Videos

  • Collaboration Bar: Stokes 118 Lobby

    The OAR Collaboration Bar features a 55” HD display. The default display shows Haverford and OAR news, but connecting a portable device will immediately switch the display to mirror the screen of that device. There are two outlets, as well as VGA and HDMI connectors to connect your Mac or PC. You can also connect an iPad or even an iPhone - simply ask for the appropriate adapter at the front desk.

    In addition to display mirroring, the Collaboration Bar features the TelyHD videoconference suite and a full Windows 7 operating system. The Tely HD system allows videoconferencing via Bluejeans, SIP, and Skype. For help using Tely HD or Windows 7, find an OAR staff member or intern who will be happy to assist you.

    There are five seats at the Collaboration Bar, but there is room for more collaborators.

  • Digital Learning Lab: Stokes 118M

    The Digital Learning Lab is a small, quiet study space offering three 20” iMac computers and Skullcandy headphones. In addition to the computers there is a small study space and two large whiteboards. The software available on each iMac includes the following:

    • Adobe Suite
    • Alice
    • Artemis Comparison Tool
    • Audacity
    • Cn3D
    • DaVinci Resolve Lite
    • FileZilla
    • GarageBand '11
    • Geometry Explorer
    • GRE PowerPrep II
    • HyperStudio Player
    • iMovie '11
    • MacPyMOL
    • Mathematica
    • MATLAB
    • Praat
    • R for Mac
    • Sibelius
    • SPSS Statistics
    • Stata
    • TeXShop
    • Texworks
    • Turning Point
    • TVP Animation 10 Pro
    • VLC Media Player
    • VMware Fusion

    There are three computers and two additional chairs in the Digital Learning Lab.

  • Demonstration/Collaboration Lab: Stokes 118L

    The OAR Demonstration/Collaboration offers a variety of features that allow students to practice and record presentations, conduct mock and remote interviews, and collaborate on small group projects. The lab offers highly customizable lighting, integrated audio recording, and a point/tilt/zoom camera to ensure high quality video calls and recordings. There is a Windows 7 PC with Panopto recording software, and the computer display can also be used to display content via VGA or HDMI. Additionally, 118L features a 55" Mondopad.

    Mondopad features:

    • Multi-touch tablet interface
    • Full Microsoft Office
    • Windows 7 operating system
    • Digital interactive whiteboard
    • Webpage and document annotation features
    • Built-in camera and speakers
    • USB input

    There is space for six at the Demo/Collaboration Lab workstation, with room for one or two more people to sit separately.

  • Conference Rooms: Stokes 118J & 118K

    The OAR Conference Rooms offer an ideal place for larger groups to video or teleconference, work collaboratively, study, or deliver presentations. The conference rooms offer 70” Mondopads, AppleTV, point/tilt/zoom cameras, and HDMI, VGA, and USB Mondopad inputs. For users with Mac notebooks or iPads (such as those available for checkout at the OAR front desk), AppleTV can be used to project their screens directly onto the 70” monitors.

    In addition, Conference Room 118K has further technology options. 118K offers Barco Clickshare, which allows users to simply plus a dongle into a USB port on their computer and project their laptop screen directly onto the two 70” displays in the room. Up to four users can use Clickshare at the same time, projecting any combination of screens simultaneously. In addition to Clickshare, 118K is equipped with speakers and microphones for large group audio conferencing via telephone.

    Both conference rooms seat roughly 16 people around the conference tables. Maximum capacity is roughly 20, depending on arrangement.