Learning & Study Tools

Semester at a Glance
  • Keep abreast of important academic deadlines and requirements
  • Chart all major assignments and deadlines
  • Strategically map out study timelines, campus resources (writing center appointments, OAR workshops, review sessions, etc.)
  • Set short and long term goals

Fall 2013

Weekly Planning Calendar
  • Chart weekly standing commitments
  • Strategically plan study sessions according to deadlines, priorities, personal strengths and preferences as well as external resources
  • View weekly commitments in one place (academic, personal, etc.)

Planning Calendar

Weekly Planning Sheet
  • Consider personal strengths and values when listing and prioritizing tasks
  • Accurately plan out study sessions according to time needed to complete tasks
  • Prioritize tasks and assignments
  • Fill in weekly calendar with tasks specific to that week

Planning Sheet

Time Management Tool (Prioritizing Tasks and Assignments)
  • List and prioritize all tasks for an upcoming time period
  • Accurately predict time needed to complete task(s) based on personal strengths and past history
  • Plan ahead if external resources will be needed to complete assignment or task

Time Management Tool