Academic Review Centers

*The below centers are not in operation during the summer. New days and times of operation will be posted in early September for the fall 2013 semester.

Biology Question Center (BQC)

The BQC is a peer-led discussion group supporting sophomores taking Biology 200, Cell Structure and Function. Two evenings per week in the Bio 200 interaction space (KINSC Sharpless 115) junior and senior biology majors help students master course content and develop a deeper understanding of topics covered in the lectures and laboratories. Although regular attendance is encouraged, drop-ins are also welcome. Further information on both the BQC can also be obtained from Kate Heston in the Biology Department.

Calculus Resource Center (CRC)

The Calculus Resource Center is a walk-in tutoring center for students in Calculus I and II (Math 113/114). The CRC is staffed by student tutors on Mondays - Tuesdays (Math 114) and Wednesdays- Thursdays (Math 113) 9-11 p.m., in 118K, of the Office of Academic Resources in Stokes Hall. Math 105 is offered in the spring semester this year. Students can come with questions from class, homework, or just to review topics in math that may have gotten rusty. No appointments necessary!

Chemistry Questions Center (CQC)

The Chemistry Questions Center (CQC), located in room E310 in the Science Center, is open 7:30-9:00 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday for drop-in questions about General or Organic Chemistry lecture or Lab. The Chemistry Questions Center is also open at the Office of Academic Resources, in Stokes 118J, on Sundays, 7- 8:30 p.m. (Chem 112); Tuesdays 9-11 p.m. (Chem 225); Thursdays 7-9 p.m. in 118J (Chem 225) and 7-8:30 p.m. in 118K (Chem 112).

Instructional Technology Center (ITC)

The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) is located at Stokes 205 and provides students, faculty and staff with a space to work on various projects. The Center is equipped with multimedia equipment and software, and staffed with professional personnel.

Linguistics Study Hour

Linguistics Study Hour is a peer-led resource hosted by the Linguistics Department for all students in Tri-Co linguistics classes or those who are interested in linguistics. The study hour takes place in the lobby of the Office of Academic Resources every Monday evening from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Upperclassmen in linguistics are available as resources for questions on any type of linguistics homework or problem, advice, and networking.

Math Question Center (MQC)

Open from Sunday through Thursday, 7-9:00 p.m., in Hilles 011. At least one professor, and one or two math majors, are available for questions on lectures or home problems.

Physics Clinic

The Physics Clinic provides students in our introductory physics courses (Physics 101, 102, 105 and 106) a student-led resource for help in understanding course material and doing homework assignments. The Clinic is held three nights per week in the Physics Lounge, KINSC room H107. Exact hours and days are announced the first week of classes each semester.

Writing Center

Open to anyone who needs help with a paper, in any discipline or course, at any stage of the writing process; help is also available to students working on applications of various types. Trained fellow students with a wide range of majors listen and respond to your questions, and help you think through and express your ideas clearly.