Here's what students are saying about the Office of Academic Resources:

"I think OAR is not only a place for students who have problems in learning but also students who have high expectations for themselves and seek to reach a higher academic level, sometimes over-challenging level.... the OAR is indeed a place for those 'perfectionists'."

"Seniors think there is nothing new they can learn from the OAR, because theoretically they should have mastered study skills/how to be a student by now. They are wrong. The OAR has helped me to effectively manage my time, and I am so glad I went in for the help."

"What I appreciate so much about the OAR is that they recognize that academic performance is so closely tied to a variety of other factors in a student's life. When I meet with the OAR, I'm not simply talking about my classes or my schedule, I'm also discussing life and the factors that can impede my ability to be academically efficient in the way that I want to be."

"I have recommended the services offered at the OAR to a lot of my friends. I wasn't expecting to learn so many new ways of approaching my classes; something I thought I knew all about after so many years in school."