Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the OAR do?

    The Office of Academic Resources (OAR) works with students in a variety of settings to propel them towards excellence in their academic pursuits through targeted goal-setting, skills identification and development, individualized coaching, and collaboration with other resources on campus. Topics of interest may include college reading, note taking, time management, learning styles, classroom management, and study strategies. Students can work with the OAR through small group sessions, targeted workshops, and individual meetings to develop a personalized approach. Serving as a collaborative resource center, the OAR partners with the Writing Center, Office of Disabilities Services, Counseling & Psychological Services, the Dean of Academic Affairs, and several others to best serve the scholarly and intellectual interests of all students throughout their career at Haverford.

  • What academic skills/challenges can I discuss during my individualized coaching session?

    Popular topics with students include time management approaches, reading comprehension strategies, focus and study techniques, semester blueprinting, approaches for navigating the college classroom, goal setting, values identification, improving public speaking/presenting, and preparing for graduate/professional school. However, meetings and conversations are not limited to these topics. Students are encouraged to honestly define and explore their own values, definitions of success, short and long term goals, strengths, areas for development, and motivation levels as they relate to their academic experience at Haverford.

  • How long are these meetings?

    To serve the needs of as many students as possible, one-on-one meetings are typically 30 minutes. However, longer sessions can certainly be accommodated as schedules allow.

  • How do I make an appointment to speak with Philip Bean, Dean of Academic Affairs, about fellowships?

    You may contact his assistant, Roxanne Clark. Her office is located in Stokes 111 and her number is (610) 896-1420.

  • How do I suggest topics or programs for the OAR?

    New ideas for workshops, programs, speakers, resources, study breaks, and print materials are always welcomed. Just drop a note in the OAR suggestion box located in the reception area.

    You may also submit an idea or suggestion to or contact a staff member directly.

  • Do you provide customized workshops or programs for certain student groups?

    We do. If you have an idea for a customized workshop or program for a certain cohort of students, please share it with the OAR. For example, senior thesis writers, UCA groups, athletics teams or specific student activity groups can propose a topic of interest relevant to their group. Send a detailed message to (checked regularly) to discuss logistics and content.

  • Do I need a reservation to use the space at the OAR?

    No, you do not. Areas of the OAR are open as quiet study spaces during the day. We simply ask that you respect scheduled events taking place in the large and small meeting rooms by checking the posted schedule before occupying a space.

  • What other resources besides individualized coaching sessions and workshops are available at the OAR?

    Print and online resources and reference guides are also available at the OAR. Resources related to prizes and fellowships, citation and grammar guides, scheduling tools, and study strategies are available for students. The OAR is also eager to collaborate with student groups and other offices on campus and can offer meeting space and other resources for collaborative projects. Students can also sign up for peer tutoring at the OAR. Peer tutoring is available free of charge for all students who feel they could benefit from one-on-one sessions.