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Welcome, Class of 2014

The Chemistry Department has several offerings available for incoming students whether they have had little high school chemistry, or AP (or other advanced chemistry courses) from high school. We want to help you to find the course that is at the right level for you. Regardless of your high school preparation, we ask that you fill out the placement questionnaire if you are interested in taking any of our General or Organic Chemistry courses. These are the courses that are required for Chemistry and Biology majors and by medical and other health-related professional schools, so if you have interests in those areas, please fill out the questionnaire. The questionnaire asks about your preparation from high school in the areas of math and science, and also includes a few math questions and several chemistry questions to help us gauge how much you remember from your high school math and chemistry (or physical science) courses. We do not recommend any special study before you fill out the questionnaire. You may fill out the questionnaire any time over the summer, or the first day you arrive at Haverford for Custom's Week; results will be posted on the second or third day of Customs Week. Your placement recommendation will be for one or two of several courses. Most of you will have had at least one year of high school chemistry and will be placed into Chem 111 (Structure and Bonding, taught by Rob Scarrow in the fall) and/or Chem 112 (Chemical Dynamics, taught by Helen White in the fall).  These two courses are offered every semester and may be taken in either order.  Some of you will be placed into Chem 110 (Fundamentals of Chemistry, taught by Karin Akerfeldt, offered only in the fall), a one-semester course that does not assume any prior chemistry background and is designed to prepare students for Chem 111 and Chem 112.  Those of you with strong chemistry preparation (usually meaning a score of 5 in AP Chemistry) will be placed into the half-credit Chem 115 (Chemical Structure Inquiry Lab, taught by Casey Londergan, offered only in the fall) in place of Chem 111.

Most semesters the Chemistry Department also offers one or two courses designed for students not majoring in the natural sciences but who wish to learn more about Chemistry and how it applies to societal and personal decision-making. These courses, which do not have a laboratory component, do not give major credit nor do they help with medical school admissions requirements. For instance, in the Fall of 2010, we will be offering Chem 151 (Case Studies in Chemistry, taught by Charles Lerman) and in the Spring of 2010, we will be offering Chem 154 (Nanotechnology, taught by Joshua Schrier).  You do not need to fill out our placement questionnaire to take such courses.

If you have questions about Chemistry at Haverford, we encourage you to contact one of us by email or phone.

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