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Thomas Scattergood
Thomas Scattergood

Jordan Nieusma '14 Curates Digital Exhibit on the Journals and Letters of Thomas Scattergood

Thomas Scattergood (1748–1814) was a well-known traveling Quaker minister and founder of the Friends Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason (now Friends Hospital) in Philadelphia, the nation’s first privately run psychiatric hospital. Haverford's Quaker & Special Collections is fortunate to house many of Scattergood's letters and journals (some of which were acquired recently), which reveal much about the man, his faith, and his inner struggles.

Jordan Nieusma, who graduated from Haverford in May, has created a digital exhibit on the journals and letters of Scattergood. The exhibit focuses on the language and communication styles that Scattergood employs in his journals and letters, and the often fuzzy distinction between literary and non-literary writing.

View the exhibit: The Letters and Journals of Thomas Scattergood

The Climbing Stone, by Peter Rockwell '58, is located outside Magill Library.

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