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Curt Cacioppo releases new CD

"It delights me to announce the release of my new CD Ritornello on the Navona Records label. This album is a sequel to my earlier disc Italia, and contains further installments of my music inspired by and/or composed in Italy. Joining me again in this project is the internationally renowned Quartetto di Venezia, for whom I have written two major works: String Quartet No. 6 (Divertimenti in Italia), and the new piano quintet Women at the Cross. In between these is a group of seven solo piano pieces, one of which, inspired by Dante’s Inferno, is treated as a melodrama, with fellow composer Marino Baratello reciting lines from Canto I in a way that suggests the voice of the poet himself. The recording was done on site at a studio just north of Venice in a climate of Adriatic enchantment (though it was on a vintage American Steinway, fully restored, that I laid down my tracks). As always, Navona supplements the disc with a rich “enhanced content” package conveniently browseable online (gratis) at"

Both RITORNELLO & ITALIA are available at iTunes, Amazon, ArkivMusic, 7Digital, and other outlets.

A composer friend in Philadelphia said in response to one of my pieces on a concert not long ago, “Curt, you always take us somewhere!” Travel with me through Italy once more, and from there we will go on to the Holy Land, meet the female eye-witnesses to the Crucifixion, and hear what weighs upon their hearts and minds in Women at the Cross.


Buon ascolto!

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