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Painters' Table Reviews of Foreign Terrain: Paintings of Ying Li

Ying Li’s paintings fuse natural phenomena and the act of painting. In them, the manipulation of paint and the act of seeing are simultaneous, distinct yet inseparable.

In her recent paintings, completed during a residency at Centro Incontri Umani Ascona in Switzerland, Li painted for the first time at high altitude, a plein-air extreme well suited to her strengths as a painter. The high vantage points offered by the mountain village alter the spatial organization of the landscape. Rather than seeing through space, Li engaged with a dynamic top-down space that plunges even as it recedes creating a natural, vertiginous abstraction. At altitude Li was also closer to the light, closer to the weather, closer to the environmental changes that have informed her work for many years.

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Founders Green on a warm spring day.

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