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Haverford at ACS Meeting In Dallas

Ranucci and Thorsheim presented a poster entitled "Cytotoxicity of C2-symmetric Platinum(II) Bioxazoline Complexes in Murine Leukemia ... Models" that was co-authored with their faculty advisor, Prof. Mark Schofield.  While at the meeting, Ranucci and Thorsheim spent much of their time at a symposium honoring 2014 Priestly Award winner Stephen Lippard (HC '62), since the chemistry and biology of platinum coordination complexes is one of several areas of bioinorganic chemistry in which Lippard has been a trailblazer, and they were able to meet Lippard as well as many of his students and collaborators who have also worked on the chemistry and biochemistry of platinum complexes.  Ranucci and Thorsheim's travel and meeting registration expenses were supported by grants from the Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center and from the Louis Green Fund.

Prof. Alex Noquist and Prof. Josh Schrier also attended the Dallas meeting and gave talks on their current research efforts.

Students cross in front of Founders Hall.

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