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Kirstin Mazzeo '98

What is your current job?

Litigation Counsel - Campbell Soup Company

Why did you choose this profession?

I always wanted to be a lawyer (a litigator) and work on trial cases. My father is a small town attorney in Vermont and always loved his job and seemed to work on the most interesting wide-range of things. As in in-house attorney, litigation means anything that is contested so I never know what is going to come up every day.

What more do you wish to accomplish in your professional career?

My job is a continuing learning experience for me. I think I will continue to get better and better at it with every new experience. I would love to spend more time mentoring or doing pro bono work.

Tell us about a decision or change you made that turned out to be a positive career move.

I was an associate at a very large law firm for 8 years. I had a great early career there and worked on many "bet the company" trials which was tremendous experience. When I got a head-hunter call about Campbell Soup it was very difficult to make the decision to leave. I met with the General Counsel and really believed that I would become a more well-rounded lawyer in her department. While it was a difficult decision to make, it turned out to be really refreshing to try something new and get outside of my comfort zone.

How has Haverford influenced your professional career?

Haverford has influenced by professional career in two ways. First, while you can major in anything to be a lawyer, I am greatly appreciative that I was able to get a well-rounded liberal arts education rather than being tagged as "pre-law" from the start. Second, I played soccer and lacrosse at Haverford and I believe that participation in team sports is excellent training for success in a corporate or large firm environment because being able to work with others and go through victory and defeat together is an important skill - it's something that I look for on resumes now.

The Climbing Stone, by Peter Rockwell '58, is located outside Magill Library.

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