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Brandon Alston '14, Mariah Braxton '14 and Simone Partridge '14 participating in MMUF 2014 Cape Town: A City of Contrasts

This fall, Haverford MMUF Fellows, Brandon Alston ('14), Mariah Braxton ('14) and Simone Partridge ('14) were selected to participate in a ten-day, on-site, experiential learning program at the University of Cape Town, South Africa in January 2014. Cape Town: A City of Contrasts has been chosen as the central and overarching theme for 2014. The program seeks to broaden:

-MMUF fellows' understanding of the South African socio-eco, racial, cultural, historical and environmental landscape;

-through critical enquiry and debate, both the US and SA perspectives of the social dynamics operating within these respective contexts;

-the aim of the MMUF program in developing young academics;

- and provide an opportunity for individuals to reflect critically on their experiences.

The Strawbridge Observatory at Haverford College houses 12-inch and 16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes which are actively used by students in Haverford astronomy classes.

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