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Students participate in a Sikh Circle on the 2013 spring break trip.
Students participate in a Sikh Circle on the 2013 spring break trip.

Interfaith Alternative Spring Break Trip

The Interfaith Encounters Alternative Break is an exciting and transformative weeklong experience offered by ICGP for college students who wish to learn more about major world religions, and dialogue with members of those faith communities. Over six days, participants encounter such divergent faiths as Buddhism, Islam, and Baha'i, attend worship services, workshops, and reflection sessions in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Through these activities, students experience personal growth by confronting their preconceived notions, and develop a deeper respect for communities previously unfamiliar to them. In the words of one participant, "Whereas once I had a closed mind, I am now open to working with other faiths. I have left my ignorance and entered into a new knowledge."

Self-discovery is a large part of this program, as noted by another student who said, "The experiences made me realize who I really am." Students experience the shared value of working with those from different cultures, with values and beliefs that may vary from their own.

A student from the 2013 trip stated, "I built a stronger faith in my own religion while also building strong bonds with my brothers and sisters of different religions." Interfaith Encounters Alternative Break helps prepare participants to act in the future as knowledgeable citizens and leaders in a global, multi-faith, and multi-cultural society.

More information, as well as the application can be found here.

Interfaith Alternative Spring Break Trip

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