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Classics Marathon 2013

An informal staged reading of SENECA’S MEDEA
Wednesday November 6
7:00 p.m.
Sunken Lounge, Haverford Dining Center
Starting in 2006, the Haverford Classics Department has held, each fall, an unrehearsed participatory reading of an ancient text, in its entirety, in English translation. We have alternated between all-day readings of longer works (with participants dropping in to read) and evening staged readings of shorter works (with participants volunteering in advance and parts assigned).
So far we’ve done: Homer’s Odyssey (2006), Plato’s Symposium (2007), Virgil’s Aeneid (2008), Aeschylus’ Oresteia (2009), Ovid’s Metamorphoses (2010), Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (2011), and Apuleius’ The Golden Ass (2012).
This year, we will be presenting a staged reading of the tragedy Medea, by the first-century Roman writer Seneca, in a translation by Frederick Ahl (with the author’s permission). Seneca’s Medea, like Euripides’ Medea (but quite differently) tells the story of the vengeance Medea takes on Jason, whom she helped to gain the Golden Fleece, and who has abandoned her for a more advantageous marriage.
Please come by and join the audience!

Students cross in front of Founders Hall.

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