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Snipes Farm 2013

Gallery: Snipes Farm 2013

Haverford Quaker students make a trip to Snipes Farm (owned by Jonathan Snipes, HC '82) to spend a day doing service, reflecting, and passing time with Friends.

Snipes Farm, Fall 2013

The office of Quaker Affairs and QuaC had the blessing of spending a wonderful fall day this year at Snipes Farm, about an hour from the college. The day started with about 30 students meeting in the South Lot where we piled into a myriad of vehicles that all took off in a caravan up to the farm. The vans were a buzz with chatter of the start of the school year, sports events, club activities and general excitement for the opportunity to spend a day off campus with a group of fantastic folk.

Upon arrival at Snipes Farm we all gathered in a circle of tables to talk about the day and hear a brief history of Snipes Farm. We were delighted to hear that Jonathan Snipes was a graduate from Haverford College, as was his dad who had owned the farm before him. The farm is now used for sustainable agriculture and education programs, particularly focusing around children. The farm includes a large apple orchard, corn maze, full time CSA, a pumpkin patch, and an array of animals.

After getting a little more acquainted with the farm and its’ story we settled in for a lunch together of sandwiches, watermelon, salad, and much laughter. It was obvious how excited everybody was to have the opportunity to spend their Saturday at a farm with other f/Friends. Following lunch we headed out to a green lawn and spent sometime doing activities together. We made a self-reflection map about how our life had lead us to being present at that specific moment of time at Snipes Farm. We then got together in small groups to discuss our maps and life journeys.

Following the reflective activities we all were excited for the service portion of the day. We headed out of the apple orchard and picked up pounds and pounds of dropped apples that would later be fed to the pigs. We also harvested bushels of fresh apples from the trees that were going to be pressed into cider! The group of 30 students managed to collect a lot of apples and had a wonderful time doing it.

When we had collected all the apples we could manage for a day we broke for a little bit of free and rest time. Many people ventured off to visit the different animals on the farm while others enjoyed sitting in the shade eating cider donuts and candy apples. Once everybody had found their way out of the corn maze and back from the pigpens we settled in for another shared meal of pizza and salad. As dinner finished we found our selves gathered around a couple picnic tables singing songs from Rise Up Singing as a group. As the sun set we made our way down to a campfire where the singing continued and it was supplemented with fair trade chocolate s’mores. The evening wore on and while nobody wanted to leave the campfire we all gathered back into the cars and headed home. The general feeling was that everybody was tired, happy, and glad they had come. Over all it was an enriching, relaxing, and successful day for the Haverford College Quaker community.

Students cross in front of Founders Hall.

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