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Arthur and Leonardo
Arthur and Leonardo

Have you Met the Brazilians?

Haverford College is pleased to welcome our first two students from the Brazil Scientific Mobility Undergraduate Program: Arthur Emido Teixeira and Leonardo Lima dos Santos! The Brazil Scientific Mobility Undergraduate Program, sponsored by the Brazilian government, began in 2011 as a way to send students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields to the world’s best universities to study for a year. The students then return to Brazil to complete their undergraduate degrees. This year, the program (formerly known as Science Without Borders) is sponsoring 3,913 new Brazilian students at American universities. Arthur and Leonardo arrived at Haverford with the new international students and participated in all of the new student orientations with their ISRP’s. An ISRP or International Student Resource Person is assigned to the exchange students by dorm for the entire year. The ISRP's help the exchange students adjust to life at Haverford and all that it entails, including the specifics of academic registration, student services, banking, shopping, and day-to-day questions about living within the college community.


Arthur Emido Teixeira is a second-year Computer Science major from Universidad do Brozilia. His application process to the program began a year ago with his first submission and ended when he received notice at the end of April that he had been accepted to the program and paired with Haverford. Upon receipt of that news, he immediately went online to research Haverford and was happy to learn that it was located in Pennsylvania, which is coincidentally the setting of his favorite television show (The Office). Arthur is very interested in a career in computer science because of the varied opportunities a degree can facilitate. With advisor Professor David Wonnacott, Arthur is studying Computer Science here at Haverford. With his Computer Science degree, Arthur is very interested in working with entrepreneurship in the private sector and is excited about the internship part of his program that will take place next summer.


A fourth-year Biology major at the Universidade Federal de Paraiba, Leonardo Lima dos Santos is looking forward to the cell biology and molecular biology courses offered here at Haverford. Through his courses and laboratories, he is looking to review some subjects and also delve more deeply into other subjects, both of which will be extremely helpful for his future graduate school plans. After graduation, Leonardo plans to pursue first a Masters and then a PhD and then to teach and do research in cell biology. Last year, Leonardo was able to attend the International Congress on Cell Biology’s conference, which was held in Brazil, and he is very much looking forward to next year’s conference, which will take place in Philadelphia. Leonardo’s advisor is History Professor James Krippner, whose research focus includes Latin America. Professor Krippner has been learning Portuguese, and in addition to academic advising, Leonardo will be helping Professor Krippner with his Portuguese!


The Brazilian government has announced a goal of sending 100,000 students to the world’s leading universities by 2020, and Leonardo and Arthur exemplify the students of high academic achievement that Haverford is happy to have part of our community this year. “I had a wonderful reception here at Haverford – something that really made me feel at home. I am really looking forward to all that Haverford has to offer for my academic and personal life as well,” Arthur said of his welcome to Haverford. Brazilian universities are usually very academically-oriented and students who want to get involved in extracurricular activities search outside the school to the local community for clubs or sports teams to join; Arthur does plan to explore what Haverford has to offer in both academic and non-academic involvement. Leonardo plans to keep his focus on his research and his career aspirations, saying “Here at Haverford, I got really excited at the experiences in laboratory courses. This is something that will be really unique for me. With this, I will earn more experience to share with my Brazilian research group. That is the main idea of our Science Without Borders program: to exchange knowledge and ideas.”

The Climbing Stone, by Peter Rockwell '58, is located outside Magill Library.

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