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Geddes Munson '07

What is your current job?

Lead Solutions Architect at Mixpanel - an analytics product for web and mobile apps.

Why did you choose this profession?

I always had a knack for programming, but never felt happy in purely technical jobs. However, when I tried out roles that didn't have a technical component, I missed the technical part and always felt I had a technical "itch" I had to scratch.

I was fortunate to find analytics -- a role which required me to marry the technical skills of a software developer with an understanding of the business I was working for and the ability to communicate my findings clearly and effectively.

Tell us about a decision or change you made that turned out to be a positive career move.

Moving west to join Mixpanel - then a 6-person startup that hadn't raised an A round. I'll always be grateful to my wife for taking the risk with me. We packed our life into a Penske truck and drove from New York to San Francisco to chase the Silicon Valley dream.

Since then, Mixpanel has grown to 1,200 paying customers (and counting), become profitable, and received further financial backing from the top VCs in the industry. It's been incredibly rewarding to help this company grow.

How has Haverford influenced your professional career?

The first thing I have to mention is FIG, the unix club that I was lucky enough to be a part of in 2002. Somehow all the technically minded Fords found each other and decided to start a club. The original idea was just to get Students' Council to fund some servers for us. However, we quickly decided that we could build something useful for the campus. So we built together. When within a week we saw that 90% of the students on campus were visiting the site at least once a day, I was sold that a small, dedicated team of really smart people can do BIG things QUICKLY with software. I was hooked. I'm very indebted to my association with the founding team at FIG.

My first few jobs out of college came from relationships with fellow classmates and Haverford alumni, so there is no doubt that Haverford provided a big boost there. Even out here in Silicon Valley, though Haverford alums are rare, we seek each other out and there is instant trust.


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