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Quaker Academics Database and Listserve

The Database

The Quaker Affairs Office of Haverford College is building a database of those who may be resources for Quaker-related programs, which could include faculty and staff positions, visiting speakers, and mentors for students. If you would like your name to be added to this database, please submit your information. Your data will not be made public but may allow Haverford to contact you as relevant opportunities arise. * Indicates a required field.

The Listserve

The Quaker Academics and Professionals in Higher Education Google Group is made up of...well...Quaker academics. Plus like-minded academics. Plus those whose academic bent is to study Quakers. So both terms are quite broadly defined. The group is also open to higher education professionals in program and administration who are Quaker or work for Quaker institutions or would like to. There are several possibilities here. First, this can be a forum for Quakers, et al. to discuss how their spiritual journeys affect their academic work and vice versa. Second, the group might be a resource for those who wish to study about Quakers. Finally, it might be an opportunity to simply connect in a way that has so far escaped us.

To join, sign into google with your google id and password. Select "Groups" and search for "Quaker Academics." Then select "Join this group." If you have any problems you can also email Walter Hjelt Sullivan, Director of Quaker Affairs at Haverford College and ask to be enrolled in the group. Once all is complete you will receive an email notification from the listserve. Then, chat away. We look forward to seeing you in the quakersphere.

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