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Economics Senior Spotlight - Anuj Shah, HC '13

Raised in Mumbai, India, Haverford College was on Anuj Shah’s ’13 radar because his cousin studied here. Anuj applied to a large number of institutions, ranging from small colleges to very large universities, however his visit to Haverford from when he was in 9th grade deeply resonated.

Anuj anticipated majoring in biology as a pre-med student. During the summer after his freshman year he worked in Haverford Professor Jenni Punt’s University of Pennsylvania affiliated laboratory doing stem cell research on the aging process. After the lab experience, it became apparent to Anuj that biology and this type of lab work would not be his lifework.

Always intrigued by the economics of India, Anuj, as far back as the 7th grade, has routinely read The Economist. Economics comes naturally to him, and his interest in world economics has been amplified by college courses that he has taken during his time here. Economic Development and Transformation: China versus India with Professor Jilani and Exchange Rate Economics with Professor Banerjee are highlights. He also spent his junior year abroad at Oxford where he took Economics of Developing Countries, a class he highlights as exceptional.

Anuj describes studying at Oxford as “amazing” and “a lot of work”, and he enjoyed the little things like dressing ceremonially for weekly formal dinners.

The summer before he attended Oxford he was awarded a Whitehead Internship at Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance. He spent his time amassing data to measure the quality of health care provided by area hospitals, ranking hospitals by services.

As a rising senior, Anuj lived in New York City working for Credit Suisse, a financial services company. While in the investment banking equity research department, he studied stocks and made buy and hold recommendations. From this internship he has landed a 2 year analyst position in the industrial distribution sector.

After a few years of work experience he plans on acquiring an MBA from an American institution. However, before going back to school he may add another year of work experience living in either India, the United Kingdom, or Australia.

Anuj’s thesis attempts to measure the impact of movements in the Indian exchange rate on Indian exports and imports. The motivation behind his thesis is the lack of research in this field. Finding a correlation will add substantially to the literature in the area, and he is hoping to identify remedial measures that could help India tackle its huge trade deficit.

Anuj played on the Cricket team freshman and sophomore years, and for the past two years he has been a member of the International Student Services Office. He has also taught science to area high school students through Haverford’s Mentoring and Student Teaching (MAST) program. Through ExCo (a program of student-run, not-for-credit courses) he teaches the card game spades to his peers; card games are a deep seated passion of his.


The ramp from Magill Library with Ryan Gym and Sharpless Hall in the background.

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