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Islam In and Beyond the Liberal Arts

Monday, February 25
4:15 p.m.
Gest 101
Professors Tariq al-Jamil, Jamel Velji and Travis Zadeh will lead a roundtable discussion on the state of Islamic studies in and beyond the contexts of liberal arts education. Over the last decade, following the course of the Global War on Terrorism, there has been an increased academic interest in Islamic studies. This has meant that within liberal arts colleges across the United States there has been a noticeable curricular expansion of faculty teaching Islam in the classroom from multiple disciplinary frameworks. Historically, the study of Islam has been located at the cusp of various fields, from Orientalism and area studies to the study of religion. Thinking beyond the legacies of foreign policy in shaping the field, this roundtable discussion will look at the history and future of Islamic studies in the college curriculum.

This is the fourth Middle East and Islamic Studies Working Group Roundtable Discussion, sponsored by the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities, the Religion Department and the Political Science Department.

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