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50% of Students Receive Financial Aid

The following are just a few of the 50% of students who received financial aid from the College—in the form of grants, not loans.


Julien Calas ’13 is a religion major with a minor in film studies. Playing with the varsity soccer team in both high school and at Haverford has meant a lot to him in that it has created the foundation for his feelings of community.


Peco Myint ’15 says his academic interests mainly lie in technology and management. He has enjoyed the community provided through the Customs Program, as well as the various organizations dedicated to the international student community such as International Students Association and the South Asian Society.


Abdullah Khan ’13 is an economics major with a concentration in mathematical economics. He is interested in public policy evaluation, specifically in exploring the econometric techniques one can use to try and ascertain the degree to which the actual impacts of government policies are aligned with their stated goals.


Jonathan Fosdick ’13 is a mathematics major with a concentration in scientific computing. He is a member of the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Chamber Singers, a selective choir of 30 students, and the Humtones, one of Haverford’s oldest a cappella groups.


Thomas Leonard ’13 is a political science major with an interest in international relations. He is the captain of the varsity cricket team. Growing up in India, cricket was an important part of his life, so he loves the fact that he has been able to continue playing at Haverford.


Kelsey Ryan ’14 chose English and linguistics as a double major because of her fascination with storytelling as an art form and as a method of communication. Outside the classroom, she is most passionate about the Mainliners a cappella group and the Customs Program. She is an Honor Code Orienteer (HCO) and co-head of the HCO Committee.


Elizabeth Willis ’13 is a biology major with a concentration in biochemistry. She has conducted research on the microbial communities in sediment, coral and flocculent material that was exposed to oil both in the Gulf of Mexico and with the Macondo well blow-out.

Students cross in front of Founders Hall.

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