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Introducing the 2012-2013 PAISIG “Maintain, Don’t Gain” Holiday Weight Maintenance Program

The holiday season is one of the toughest times to maintain your weight. It’s an opportunity to rejoice, celebrate and enjoy time with family and friends, but it’s also one of the most challenging times to maintain your waistline.

But we can help you and your colleagues avoid gaining weight during this challenging time with the “Maintain, Don’t Gain” Holiday Weight Maintenance Program!

The first PAISIG Maintain, Don’t Gain Program will take place between 11/19/12 and 1/11/13.

“Maintain, Don’t Gain” offers participants:
• Pre-and post-holiday weigh-ins (or, depending on scheduling and availability, participants can self-report their weights) at a convenient location on our campus.
• A welcome packet with general information about the program.
• Inspiring weekly messages throughout the holiday season to help Haverford faculty and staff stay on track (recipes, tips, etc.).
• Valuable tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle all year-round.
• Register by e-mailing Suzanne Smith ( directly.
• Once registered, participants can either:
• Attend a weigh-in on 11/16 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in Room 205 A in the Campus Center.
• Sometime before Thanksgiving, e-mail Suzanne your pre-holiday weight.
• And either:
• Attend a weigh-in sometime during early January (date and location TBD).
• Sometime after the New Year and before 1/11, e-mail Suzanne your post-holiday weight.
• Weights will be recorded and maintained only by Suzanne Smith and all private information will be kept absolutely confidential. Participants will be given a record of their initial and final weights.

• Participants aim to keep their weight between two or three pounds, depending ontheir starting weight.
• If a participant has a starting weight of  ≤175, he/she must stay within two pounds of his/her starting weight. If a participant has a starting weight of  ≥175, he/she must stay within three pounds of his/her starting weight.

• All faculty and staff who successfully (stay within two to three pounds of their starting weight) complete the program will receive two entries into a raffle for a fabulous prize (or two)!
• Even if a participant is not successful, but still takes an active role in his/her health by participating in the program, he/she will still earn one entry into the raffle to beheld at the end of the program.
• Armstrong, Doyle & Carroll will contribute a raffle prize or two, but the College will plan to add prizes for its own participants.

• Faculty and staff can also create their own Maintain, Don’t Gain team (minimum of two members per team; no maximum).
• Suzanne will track how the team members are doing and average their results inJanuary.
• If each team member either maintains or loses weight by the final weigh-in, their team will be highlighted in the PAISIG newsletter (if they give us permission, that is!).

If you would like to participate contact Suzanne Smith at 610-225-1534 or
If you have questions, contact Sandy at 610-896-1241 or Joanne at 610-896-1219 in the HR Office.

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