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Class of 2016, Meet the Class of 1916

Karl Moll worked in Special Collections in the library this summer. He writes:

Welcome class of 2016, and all others who may stumble upon this post! My name is Karl Moll, and I am a rising Junior who works as the Archivist’s Assistant in the Haverford College Quaker and Special Collections in the  Library, which houses the College Archives (and a great place to look for a job once you get to campus!). I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what incoming freshman at Haverford were experiencing 100 years ago when they came to campus. Now, the ‘Ford has undergone a lot of changes in the last century: for starters, we are no longer an all-male school, the class size was about 1/10th the size it is now (167 students at the school, 48 of them  freshman), the Morris Infirmary was still under construction, and the college was officially Quaker.

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The Climbing Stone, by Peter Rockwell '58, is located outside Magill Library.

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