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Shahzeen's work on the iBook.
Shahzeen's work on the iBook.

Musings on Digital Scholarship & It’s Good to Be Back

Shahzeen Nasim worked full time for the Library in July and August and wrote:

When I applied to work in Magill, I had really wanted a job at the circ desk. Instead, I landed in Laurie Allen’s office for an interview as a Digital Scholarship Assistant. When I told her I didn’t know any programming languages, she resigned to hire a CompSci major in the Spring and keep me around to do the dirty work. That was all of nine months ago. Since then, I’ve had quite a personal journey as my work in Digital Scholarship spilled over to many other areas of my life, like my academic interests, my hobbies, social circle, and to some extent, the lens of my perception. Digital Scholarship, an expansion of the digital humanities, honors open access, innovation and most fundamentally, for me, the conviction that the capital-T Truth that interests scholars relies on multiple narratives. These characteristics manifest themselves in the content of our projects and the forms through which we share them....

Summer Students in Magill

Students cross in front of Founders Hall.

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