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Rebecca DeHority '12
Rebecca DeHority '12

Rebecca DeHority '12

While in London, DeHority familiarized herself with the peculiar differences between American English and British English. She was also in the city during the much-publicized celebrations surrounding the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton and even managing to pick up souvenir from the wedding.

Why did you choose London?

London is just such a great city with so many things going on all the time: museums, theater, soccer games, nightlife. It's impossible to be bored. I also liked the idea of traveling to an English-speaking country because without a language barrier it is much easier to integrate and become friends with the students at the university that you attend. I chose King's College in large part due to the pre-med program they offer there, which was taught by English physicians and included multiple shadowing opportunities around London.

What did you learn outside the classroom?

I think that most of what you gain from study abroad comes from time spent out of the classroom. Everything is easy inside the Haverford bubble, but living and studying in another country really forces you outside of that comfort zone to meet completely new people and adapt to a very different educational system. My time abroad gave me the confidence that I will be able to find my niche and succeed in whatever part of the world I end up in after my time at Haverford. I think that studying abroad made me more excited for what comes next in life post-college.

What is the most surprising thing that happened to you there?

I was surprised by how much of a language barrier there actually was between "American" and English. I needed someone to translate the text messages of my English friends for the first couple weeks. Another aspect that was surprising was how easy it was to adjust. I know the city of London better than any city in the United States, and it feels like a second home. It's also surprising how quickly your bank account gets depleted on the pound.

What did you bring back?

Souvenirs (most importantly my Will and Kate royal wedding scarf), photos, memories and a whole new network of people around the world that will be life-long friends. I think that I also brought back a new appreciation for Haverford and what a unique and special place it is.

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