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Photo by Whitney H., Witnesses to Hunger
Photo by Whitney H., Witnesses to Hunger

Human Rights: Right Here Conference, February 24-25

A summit on economic human rights in Philadelphia and beyond

What are human rights? Here in the U.S., we may think of civil rights, torture, and equal access to political processes—all of which are valid. But U.S. policy dating back to the Cold War has led us to pigeonhole our idea of human rights. Many of us have forgotten that calling on economic rights—those concerned with the basic needs of everyday people—can be a powerful step in our work to end poverty and create a more just world.

Have you ever considered access to healthy food as a human right? What about the freedom to migrate at will? The fact that many people and countries consider employment and adequate housing to be basic, inalienable rights?

Thursday-Friday, February 24-25, 2011, come learn about the human rights framework and why it’s useful for the issues YOU care about: sustainability. Poverty. Education. Immigration. The list goes on.


Thursday, Feb. 24 Opening Presentation: Dr. Mariana Chilton, “Human rights crash course” giving the history of the United States’ relationship with economic human rights and highlighting their importance.

Friday, Feb. 25

Panel 1: Human rights and grassroots organizing in Philly

Panel 2: Placing Philadelphia in the national and global human rights dialogue

Post-conference networking and informal conversation

Haverford is sponsoring programs that focus on Human Right and Disabilities in the Arts on February 24 and 25th. The schedules have been coordinated so that those interested in these related topics may attend both.

"in/visible: Disability and the Arts" is sponsored by the John B. Hurford '60 Humanities Center, Mellon Creative Arts Residencies Planning Grant and the Greater Women's Studies Consortium. For information,

Founders Green on a warm spring day.

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