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Bed Bugs: This Just In...

Update: September 15, 2010 - Fall break is coming. If you are leaving campus, please do all you can to avoid bringing bed bugs back when you return! This page of resources is your first line of defense.

No bed bugs have been found in any student residences at Haverford, and no current employees can remember the College ever having them.

We are aware of the public’s concern generally and are monitoring accordingly. Rest assured that the College recognizes its responsibility to investigate every report, take all possible precautions to prevent the spread of an infestation, and to eradicate any confirmed problems. To effectively accomplish these objectives, your cooperation is critically important. Please take a moment to click the links below and familiarize yourself with the problem -- and potential solutions. Nobody is in a better position to prevent the arrival of this nuisance than you!

  • If you suspect the presence of bed bugs please immediately contact the Housing Office (610.896.1298 or Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Arrangements will be made for inspection and detection by a professional management team to gain control in an efficient manner. Outside of these hours, please call Safety & Security at 610.896.1111. They will contact the appropriate on-call people .
  • If you have bites or a rash, please call the Student Health Services, Morris Hall, (610) 896-1089 to set up an appointment to be seen. Please do not just walk in. While the bites cannot be definitively confirmed as "bed bug bites," and there is no blood test to confirm if bites are from a bed bug, it is important to rule out any other skin conditions.

Bed Bug Basics

How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs in the First Place?

What to Do - And Not to Do - If You Suspect the Presence of Bed Bugs

What Happens After You Report A Suspicion of Bed Bugs?

Online Resources

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