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Welcome Class of 2014!

This test allows the Department to place students at the appropriate level of study: Elementary (001-002), Basic Intermediate (100), Intermediate (101), Advanced Intermediate (102), or upper-level (200-300) courses. Our goal is to provide the best environment for acquiring and perfecting your Spanish language skills.

Who must take this test?
All students who have taken a course in Spanish are required to take the Online Placement Test if they intend to take Spanish at any point in their career at Haverford.

If your family regularly speaks Spanish at home, but you have lived most of your life in a non-Spanish speaking country (heritage speaker) you should also take this test.

Please note that you will not be able to enroll in a Spanish class if you don't take the placement exam.

Who is exempted from taking the test?
Students who have never taken Spanish are exempted from taking the test. A special section of Elementary Spanish will be set aside for absolute beginners (those who have never taken a course in the language before).

Native speakers of Spanish who have been educated in Spanish in a country where Spanish is the primary language are also exempted from taking the test. Native speakers of Spanish may enroll in any of the Upper-level courses (200- or 300-levels).

When and how can you take the test?
You may take the test between Sunday, August 15 and Wednesday, August 25 at noon. It will be available online in Blackboard only between those dates and times. You will be automatically enrolled in the test space as a member of the Class of 2014. You must complete the Technology Orientation and take the BlackBoard quiz prior to taking the Spanish Placement Test.

We strongly recommend that you take the test online before arriving at Haverford, since computer connections and access to computer space on campus may be limited before classes start. Orientation can be exhausting, and it's an excellent idea to have the Spanish placement out of your way before you arrive at Haverford.

If you absolutely have to take the test on campus, the Haverford Language Learning Center has been reserved at 8:30am and at 10:30am on Thursday, August 26th. Please note that there are only 30 computers in the LLC.

What does the test consist of?

The test consists of two sections:

  1. A personal questionnaire.
  2. A test of your Spanish language skills with two parts:
    a) Oral Comprehension and
    b) Grammar and Reading, both with multiple choice questions. You must take these parts consecutively.

You are not allowed to re-take the test; once you start answering, the automatic timer will begin running: 35 minutes for Oral Comprehension and 1 hour for Grammar and Reading.

More details will be available online when you access the test on Blackboard. Please pay careful attention to the instructions.

Do you need to study for the test?
You do not need to study for the test.

What do you need in order to take the test?
You need a reliable, stable internet connection since you will need to stay connected to Blackboard for over one and a half hours. You will also need a computer with good audio capabilities, preferably equipped with earphones or good quality speakers for the listening comprehension portion.  

Does the Haverford College Honor Code apply to this test?

Yes, it does, even if you're taking it online away from campus.  

Are books, notes or any other materials allowed during the test?
No, they are not allowed nor are they necessary.

When will results be available?

Placements will be available at the Dean's Office late Thursday afternoon, August 26.

Prof. Anita Isaacs (Political Science) and students cross Founders Green after class.

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