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Haverford's Annual Fund: Pass It On!

Making a gift to the Annual Fund passes on the experience of first-rate academics, life-long friendships, the values of the Honor Code and our beautiful campus to current and future generations of students.

But, your gift also passes on a variety of additional benefits that are less well-known. For example, did you know...

...that ALL Haverford students receive financial aid? That’s because the true cost of a Haverford education is nearly 50% more than our tuition, room and board. Gifts to the Annual Fund from alumni, parents and friends are critical in making up the difference.

...that if every alum who has not yet made a gift to the Annual Fund gave just $25 by June 30th, Haverford would have an additional $197,525 to support its academic programs and beautiful campus? If you’re not already one of the thousands of alumni passing on the Haverford experience to future generations of Fords through the Annual Fund, please make a gift—and make a difference.

...that the Annual Fund plays an important role in passing on the values of the Honor Code by supporting unique Haverford traditions like Customs and Plenary? These are values that stay with Fords for life, as exemplified by President Steve Emerson '74 who returned the Descartes letter found in Haverford's archives to its rightful place in Paris.

...that a high rate of alumni participation in the Annual Fund increases Haverford’s ability to secure foundation grants? Your gift passes on a message to major funders that Haverford is worth supporting, and those grants help to keep our academic programs among the best in the country. We’re aiming for 51% participation this year, and you can help us get there by making a gift before the Annual Fund year ends June 30th.

...that gifts of all sizes make a difference? We encourage you to make the most generous gift you can. No matter how much that is, it will help to keep Haverford thriving. Here are a few examples of what your gift can make possible:

$11          1-liter glass beaker

$75          200 lignin-free folders for the College’s archives

$100        Humanities journal subscription

$200        One pair of 25 lb. dumbbells for the fitness center

$300        Supplies for a fine arts student

$500        Help for one month at the Writing Center

$1,833*    A trip for six students to participate in the annual College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational

$10,000   Symposium at the John B. Hurford ’60 Humanities Center

$22,000   The difference between what Haverford charges for tuition, room and board and what it actually costs to educate, house and feed a student

$60,000   Grant for multi-year faculty/student research project in science


*Gifts of this amount or more qualify donors for membership in The 1833 Society.

The ramp from Magill Library with Ryan Gym and Sharpless Hall in the background.

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