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Spotlighted Student: David Lawrence '10

The first Economics course David Lawrence took was a high school course while he was a senior, and it guided him towards a major in Economics. David will also earn a Minor in Philosophy, a curriculum that “promoted thinking differently” with “improved writing skills”.  He pointed out that he enjoyed every single Economics and Philosophy class he has taken during his 4 years of undergraduate work, relishing the well-rounded courses Haverford offers.

A special feature of Haverford for David is faculty accessibility; he appreciates that faculty are willing to meet with students as often as needed and that faculty develop meaningful relationships with their students.

In preparation for his 2010 graduation, David’s Senior Thesis topic will concentration on Corporate Governance; asking the question, “What is a board of director’s ideal composition and activity when monitoring executives?”  With the recent financial meltdown coupled with the indulgent behavior of executives in the financial sector, the topic is well-timed.

During the summer of 2009 David had the honor of interning with Pulitzer nominated Economist, Michael W. Cox, whose research influenced David’s choice of thesis topic.  Later in the summer David attended Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps which was a life-changing experience full of challenges, tests, and personal growth.

David played mid-fielder on his high school Varsity Lacrosse Team in his home-town of Houston, Texas.  He continues to display his talent on the field playing mid-fielder on Haverford’s lacrosse team.  And, as is the case with most golfers, he has a love-hate relationship with the sport and is a member of Haverford’s Golf Club.  He’s also a member of the Teaf Business Society which is dedicated to providing the Haverford Community with timely business information and resources.  They organize career events, host speakers, and maintain a list of alumni in business.

One of David’s passions is traveling the world.  In recent years he’s travelled through Europe, and has been to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia as well as Peru and Mexico.

After graduation he plans to work in management consulting on the East Coast, preferably in New York or Washington, DC. Once he has 2 years of work experience he plans to earn a Masters in Business Administration at an institution as reputable as Haverford.

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