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Oh Those Hum and Drum Days of Summer

The group's members are, from left to right, Sheryl Johnson, Marian Mackenzie, assistant professor of biology Lois Banta (the group's founder), coordinator of technical services and automation in Magill Library Martha Payne, Laura Howson'99, professor of physics Lyle Roelofs, Silvio Eberhardt, and assistant professor of physics Walter Smith.

Held every Thursday in the lobby of the library, the lighthearted musical series featured vocal and instrumental performances by students, professors, administrators and even faculty children. The series ran in companion with the library's Tuesday Summer Reading Classics series that featured favorite poetry, plays and short story readings by faculty, students and friends of the college. Selections ranged from the literary poems of Wislawa Szymborska read by Marcel Gutwirth, visiting professor of general programs, to the irreverent humor of Woody Allen and James Thurber read by political science professor Harvey Glickman and Jon Willis'98 respectively.

The Climbing Stone, by Peter Rockwell '58, is located outside Magill Library.

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