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Haverford Announces Tuition, Financial Aid Plans for 2009-10

“At a time when family budgets are squeezed like never before,” says Haverford President Stephen G. Emerson ’74, “we believe it’s incumbent on us to do all we can to help make higher education affordable.  We have steadily increased both the amount and availability of Aid to meet emerging needs, with the express and intended result that next year we’ll award more financial aid than ever before -- a projected increase of 12% percent over the current year and nearly 50% over the last three years.”

To further assist families, and even as income from the College endowment has been reduced by the current economic crisis, the Board has limited next year’s tuition and fee increase to 4.1%, the smallest percentage increase since fiscal year 2000, to $50,975.

“Financial Aid is about more than doing good,” continues Emerson.  “Haverford has long recognized that affordability and accessibility are key to building the richest, most engaging community possible, and our approach complements our historic commitment to need-blind admission.”

Jess Lord, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, says that expanded Financial Aid programs have had a profound effect upon the makeup of the current student body.  “This is an incredibly talented and diverse community, and we believe that we’ve better enabled students from middle-income families to come to Haverford.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the impact that these changes are having.”

“Our promise to our students remains firm in the face of these economic challenges,” concludes Emerson, adding, “We will be here for them, just as those who went before us stepped up when it was their turn to ensure that those who followed have a chance to experience what they had enjoyed.”

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