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Monique Wong '09
Monique Wong '09

Spotlighted Student: Monique Wong '09

Growing up in China, Monique wanted a different educational experience for college.  She saw the opportunities that the United States has to offer.  The appeal of studying new subjects and new languages was exciting.  In Hong Kong, education is very specific to the expected career path while here at Haverford she could try new subjects things like anthropology, while still feeling at home in the vicinity of a big city.

Monique, an Economics major, has an East Asian Studies minor.  Monique decided on Economics because of the importance in understanding how the world works through an economic perspective.  She believes that this background will be applicable to all aspects of her future.  Monique’s senior thesis topic focuses on the Philadelphia Public Schools and a comparison of student achievement between certified and uncertified teachers within the district.  She will then take her research a step further and compare student achievement between Teach for America teachers versus uncertified teachers.

As an international student, Monique is very complimentary of the support she has received from the Haverford community both socially and academically.  Standing true to her international student status, Monique is very involved with International Alumni weekend.  This committee was started by two Haverford seniors returning from abroad. They felt Haverford needed more of an international base and that students should have a better knowledge of international opportunities.  This year the International Alumni weekend took place on February 7 and 8.  There were five speakers from countries ranging from South Africa to the United Kingdom to Hong Kong, China.  Each speaker came with a different focus.  Speaker bios and more information about International Alumni can be found at

In addition to her academic commitments and involvement with International Alumni, Monique is co-captain of the Haverford Women’s Squash team.  This is just another example of an opportunity Haverford afforded her.  Squash is a sport that Monique first tried as a freshman and one that she has worked hard in to develop her skills over the past four years.  Through her involvement with the Squash team, she has encountered new rules and people, helping to fulfill one of her goals in choosing Haverford as her educational and cultural experience.

This summer Monique interned at the KPMG, Shanghai Office.  She worked in financial advisory services and market industry research.  This experience reinforced her economics knowledge and allowed her to be re-immersed in the Chinese culture and language.  Over winter break, she took some time off from working and traveled back to Hong Kong to spend some much deserved time with friends and family.

As for Monique’s plans after May graduation, she is looking to stay in Philadelphia, a city she loves exploring, for at least another year or two.  She plans to use her economics background to support and work with programs that facilitate education in the city.  Her goal is to do non-profit work and event planning for education and youth outreach.

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