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Spotlight on Staff: Karen McLaurin-Jones, Housekeeping

Four years ago Karen McLaurin-Jones overheard a young woman at a train station mention that her employer had a job opening. “She was going on and on like it was the best place on earth, so I asked her where it was,” Karen remembers. When she heard it was Haverford, she decided to come the next day and apply. When she hadn’t gotten any response after a week, Karen began to call and call and call some more until she finally got an interview. Shortly after, she started in Housekeeping, cleaning North Dorm, Roberts Hall, Jones and Lunt.

These days, Karen can be found in Founders Hall where she and "partner-in-clean", Joe Fulton, have housekeeping down to a science. “I just love the ladies and gentlemen of Founders,” she beams. Karen Jones takes immense pride in making sure each desk is dusted, each trash can empty, and the floors are pristine. She understands that a clean office environment helps to increases productivity and morale. Karen is caring, attentive, and sparkling. One Haverford employee says, "In addition to being excellent at her job, Karen is one of the nicest people I've ever known. She shows genuine interest in and affection for the people of Founders and it's always a pleasure to talk with her about anything from the weather to her family."

Karen’s work at Haverford is so important to her that she gets up at 2:30 a.m. everyday and takes two buses and two trains to make it into work by 5:30. She epitomizes dedication. She doesn’t complain. When staff starts trickling in at 8 a.m., she greets everyone with a smile. Margaret Gindhart of Planned Giving says, “She goes hand in hand with my cup of coffee in the morning. She’s wonderful. If I’m in a bad mood Karen can turn my day around.” At 3:30, when Karen packs up to leave campus, she doesn’t go home. She heads to Albert Einstein Hospital where she works part-time to make the accommodations clean and comfortable and lend a kind ear to ailing patients.

Before coming to Haverford College, Karen spent time in the U.S. Army as a wheel vehicle mechanic and driving instructor. Now, Karen enjoys spending time with her husband who she admits drives her a bit crazy. She also has a son (28) and a daughter (21) and two grandsons who are spoiled terribly by their Mom-mom. She is an active member of Elon Baptist Church.

-Janine Beaman

The Strawbridge Observatory at Haverford College houses 12-inch and 16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes which are actively used by students in Haverford astronomy classes.

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