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Public Hands-On Astronomy and Observing!

From 5 - 7 pm on Saturday December 7, Strawbridge Observatory will host our biggest public astronomy event yet this year. Telescope observing does not begin until 5:30 pm.

Rain or shine, we'll have a host of hands-on astronomy actiities and talks about planets.  If we get clear skies, then we'll open two telescopes to observe the Moon and other awesome astronomical objects and have open air constellation observing outside of the observatory.

Activities to be offered if skies are clear

  • Observe the Moon through a telescope! (continuous, after 5:30 pm)
  • Go on a brief guided tour of some constellations in an open air observing session (one held every 20 minutes, after 5:30 pm)
  • Observe other interesting astronomical objects, such as the double star Albireo, through a telescope (continuous, after 5:30 pm).

Activities to be offered rain or shine

  • Compete in a balloon race while learning about jet propulsion.
  • Do you like phases of the Moon or Oreos?  Then you will love our approach to combining them!
  • Learn about Comet Ison and witness the formation and evolution of dry ice comets.
  • Why is it so cold in December? Participate in a demonstration of why we have seasons.
  • Hear a brief talk about Planetary Geology, watch a demonstration of planetary differentiation, and ask questions about planets. (Offered once every 40 minutes in Chase Auditorium, a 2 minute walk from the observatory).
  • Make a string and bead model of a constellation to see how the stars in those sky patterns might not be so close to each other after all.
  • And, of course, play with astronomically inspired craft supplies and eat snacks!!
For more information contact Mariah Baker (mmbaker@haverford.edu).

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