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St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia

Here's how!

Meeting with Dean Mancini:

Spring 2014 applicants:

Dean Mancini would be happy to meet with you regarding study abroad.  She will meet with spring study abroad students beginning on Friday, September 13.  Please be sure to look at the application deadlines for the program you are considering, as some are much earlier than Haverford's October 5 deadline.


Fall 2014 and 2014-2015 Academic Year applicants:

Dean Mancini will meet with fall and academic year applicants after Fall Break (the first appointment available for Fall applicants is Monday, October 21).


Make an appointment with Dean Mancini on her Google Calendar. If you haven't used Google Calendar Appointments before, just scroll ahead and you should be able to click on an appointment slot for any time (beginning on the dates explained above) and sign up for any available time that is good for you.  If you do not see an appointment time, that means she is already booked. When you make an appointment, no one else will see your name on the calendar and you will not be able to see who has made an appointment. This is to protect everyone’s privacy.


2-step Application Process:

For information about the 2-step Application Process, please visit the Applications page on the Study Abroad website.

Step 1: Declare your Intent to Study Abroad, so you will be in our database.

Step 2: Apply to only one program (unless Dean Mancini has given you permission to apply to more than one program during your meeting with her). Lori Roth (lroth1@haverford.edu) will help you with the application process. Please e-mail her with any and all questions about the applications.

Required Meetings:

Important dates (including required meetings!) to keep in mind are:

Thursday, September, 19 at 7:00PM: Study Abroad Mandatory Information Session

All study abroad applicants must attend one of these meetings!  Spring 2014 study abroad students who have not yet attended one of these sessions must attend this one.  This meeting is for sophomores and juniors. All students must sign the attendance sheet and stay for the entire presentation.


Sunday, October 5: Deadline for submission of Declaration of Intent to Study Abroad for students studying abroad Spring 2014.


Wednesday, October 9 at 6:30PM: Oxford, Cambridge, and London School of Economics Mandatory Information Session

This meeting is mandatory (NO EXCEPTIONS) for students considering Oxford or Cambridge for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Faculty Nominating Committee for Oxford/Cambridge Scholars will not consider the applications of students who do not attend this meeting.

Wednesday, October 23 at 7:00PM: Study Abroad Mandatory Information Session

This alternative meeting is for sophomores who cannot make the 9/19 meeting and are interested in studying abroad sometime next year.


Saturday, October 26 from 1:00-5:00PM: Study Abroad Fair

Come to the first floor of Stokes to learn about many of Haverford’s approved semester programs and summer programs from the partner program representatives.

Thursday, November 21 at 7:00PM: Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

This mandatory meeting is for students who are studying abroad during the Spring 2014 semester.



Be Prepared:

Program Descriptions and website: The program descriptions and websites page on our website is very useful for doing some research on choosing a program.  This site will link you directly to the many approved study abroad partner programs.


Black Binders: Please stop by Chase 213 to read detailed information on each program in the Black Binders. These include updated program and contact information, housing information, country-specific travel and visa information, and lists of all previous Haverford students who attended the programs.


Program Evaluations: Read what previous Haverford study abroad students have to say! Each student who studies abroad fills out a program evaluation upon their return which includes information such as courses, housing, culture, and travel expenses.


Haverford Contacts: Please visit the lists online of student contacts and faculty advisors for each program.

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