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Mellon Mays Undergraduate Class of 2013 Senior Research

The Class of 2013 Senior Research Presentations took place Tuesday May 14 in the John B. Hurford Humanities Center

Alexandra Colon: The Aesthetics of Remembrance: Film Form and Memory Work in Los Rubios (2003) and El Edificio de los Chilenos (2010)

Simone Crew: The Confessions of Self: Therapeutic Discourse in Taxi Cab Confessions

Lauren Hawkins: “A Broken Wall of Books, Inproperly Shelved”: Constructing and Deconstructing Race and Gender in Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus

Christina Sampson: Socializing Towards Citizenship: A Search for Civic Education Curricula that Will Yield Higher Levels of Political Participation and Civic Engagement for Urban Black Youth

Waleed Shahid: Building Faith: The Postwar Movement, Cold War Diplomacy, and the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C.

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