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Winners of the 2009-10 "Experiencing Study Abroad" Photo Contest

Five independent and anonymous staff/faculty volunteers had the difficult task of selecting winning photographs in four categories; Places, Faces, Nature and Events. There will be an awards ceremony on Thursday, May 6th at 4:30 in the MCC to present certificates and prize money to the outstanding photographers.


First – Miyajima Torii – Molly Graepel '10

Second- Domenica – Laura Himel '10

Third- Quiet Reflection at the Golden Temple – Abigail Wacker '10


First – After the Storm – Yoonjie Chung '10

Second – The Orange River – Alexa Kutler '11

Third – Where the Flamingos Feed at Dawn– Candace Lacrosse '10


First- Cranes for Peace – Molly Graepel '10

Second- Wheel – Julia Durante '11

Third – Making Bowls – Madeline Kreider Carlson '10


First- Clang – Laura Himel '10

Second- Attractive Salesman with Leather Bag – Erica Greene '10

Third – Holi! – Abigail Wacker '10

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