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Faculty (& student) talks at the American Physical Society March Meeting

This March (2009), our physics faculty, along with many students, gave research talks at the American Physical Society's March Meeting in Pittsburgh PA.

Assistant Professor Peter Love Love had presentations on "Cartan Involutions in Quantum Information", "Scattering in Quantum Lattice Gases" (with physics major Andrew O'Hara ('09), "Towards a two dimensional lattice gas with dynamical geometry" (with physics majors Anna Klales ('09), Donato Dianci ('10) and Zachary Needell ('10)), "Gaps and Tails: The restricted N-body problem in colliding galaxies and the asteriod belt" (with Anna Pancoast ('09) and Shea Garrison-Kimmel ('09)), and "Computational Physics at Haverford College". Byron Drury (Physics '08) gave an invited talk on "Factoring Quantum Logic Gates with Cartan Involution" (with Peter Love) as well as receiving the LeRoy Apker Award.  Associate Professor Suzanne Amador Kane gave a talk on " A biophysical model of prokaryotic diversity in geothermal hot springs", coauthored with Haverford physics majors Anna Klales ('09), Elizabeth Janus Nett ('04) and James Duncan ('03). Gregory Guthe ('09) gave a talk on "Simulating self-assembly of porphyrin nanorods", with Associate Professor Walter Smith, Assistant Professor Joshua Schrier, and Adam Subhas ('09).

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