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35 Prints - 35 Years of Occupation

Israeli and Palestinian Artists against the Occupation and for a Common Tomorrow.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery
January 26 - February 25, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 5-7pm

Since 1981, Israeli and Palestinian artists have collaborated on a series of joint projects protesting the occupation and working towards a joint future based upon equal, secure and free co-existence, in which the culture of one people enriches and reinforces that of the other, rather than seeking to overwhelm or subjugate it.

From their outset, the joint Israeli-Palestinian exhibitions have sought to promote the following principles:
- Opposition to the occupation
- Two states for two peoples
- A shared Jerusalem
- Support for non-violent means of resolving the conflict

In defiance of the painful situation in which we presently find ourselves - violent, oppressive and seemingly without a solution - and in a direct challenge to the renewed threat of population transfer, re-occupation and terror, we, as artists are determined to persist in our efforts to promote peaceful dialogue, towards a shared peaceful future for both peoples.

In June 2002, a group of Palestinian and Israeli artists - operating in conjunction with the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Coalition - began work on a portfolio of original screenprints designed to promote these ideals. The entire portfolio of 35 prints - referring to 35 years of occupation - was printed at the Har-El Print Workshop in Jaffa, and is to be exhibited in Israel, Palestine and internationally.


Participating artists:

Larry Abramson
Bashir Abu-Rabia
Jawad Al-Malhi
Nabil Anani
Assad Azi
Tysir Barakat
Dganit Berest
Karim Dabah
Taleb Dweik
Yair Garbuz
Moshe Gershuni
Rula Halawani
Haled Hourani
Emily Jacir
Danny Karavan
Gershon Knispel
Sigalit Landau
Itzhak Livne
Suleiman Mansour
Tal Matzliach
Ibrahim Mozain
Hisham Muhsin
Faten Nastas
Michal Neaman
Hossni Radwan
Yousef Ragib
David Reeb
Michal Rovner
Samir Salameh
Dina Shenhav
David Tartakover
Igal Tumarkin
Micha Ullman
Sharif Waked
Gal Weinstain

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