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"What Keeps Me Up at Night"

A Make Art Happen group mixed media show opening in James House on Friday, April 17th 2009, from 7:30-11 PM. The show features movies, paintings, poetry, stories, collages, projections, installations, music, and other types of displays created by Haverford students.

What Keeps Me Up At Night

A Make Art Happen Art Exhibition

Term papers, nightmares, monsters, deadlines, faraway loves, footsteps, and fears: these are the things that keep us up at night. We present to you stories of insomnia told through art, expressions of the thoughts that worry us after dark.

What Keeps Me Up At Night represents the many artistic talents of the Haverford community unified by this common experience of sleeplessness. Having gone through a few late nights ourselves, several cans of paint, and many meetings, we are proud to finally present what has kept us up at night.

On behalf of Make Art Happen, - Amy Tarangelo ‘12

Featuring Work By: Jon Appel, Meg Bishop, Tom Carroll, Ashley Gangi, Reed Hurt, Sam Kaplan, Aimee Lanning, Peter Loewi, Kim McPhearson, Rebecca Morgan, Van Nguyen, Abby Novick, Kevin O’Halloran, Ben Porten, Kate Ross, Hannah Silverblank, Amy Tarangelo Emily Tartanella

Sponsored By: The Student Arts Fund and the Hurford Humanities Center

Curated By: Amy Tarangelo, Abby Novick, Hannah Silverblank, Meg Bishop, Ashley Gangi

Special Thanks To: The Student Arts Fund and the Hurford Humanities Center, James Weissinger, Emily Cronin and John Muse, Becca Morgan and her car, James House Board, Bruce Levine and the DC Staff, Haverford A/V Department, Haverford Language Learning Center, Haverford Greasepaint, The members of Make Art Happen

About Make Art Happen

Make Art Happen is a collaborative art group organized with the intent of expanding the role of the arts at Haverford. We strive to create projects and events that bring students into contact with the arts in a direct and productive manner. As a result, many of our projects are created in collaboration with students who have no prior experience in the arts. Art is not confined to the Fine Arts buildings: it exists everywhere in our community and daily lives. This exhibition is a demonstration of the talents and passions of Haverford students as expressed outside of the classroom.

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