• Astronoblog


    Assistant Professor Beth Willman and Astronomy majors provide a window into what they do here in the Haverford astronomy program.
  • Helen K White Lab

    Helen K White Lab

    Assistant Professor White is reporting on her lab as they investigate how organic compounds persist in the environment and move between different reservoirs.
  • Field Hockey

    Field Hockey

    Sydney Hyder '13 will be blogging for the Haverford College Field Hockey team during their trip to Vancouver.
  • Havertivities


    "All deeds, actions, functions, or spheres of action, of or by Haverford students, outside of the regular classroom environment."
  • Tritton & Kim New Residence Halls

    Tritton & Kim Dorms

    Dylan Lazovik '12 shares the excitement as work begins on the site of the new Residence Halls.
  • Admission @ Haverford

    Admission @ Haverford

    Admission Office interns provide a window into their lives as Haverford students.
  • 8th Dimension

    8th Dimension

    Eighth Dimension is Haverford's community service office. The student staff share information on the events run by 8D in their blog.
  • Postcards from Abroad

    Postcards from Abroad

    ...is an ongoing blog hosted by the Office of International Academic Programs. Students studying abroad for a semester or a full year share their Virtual Postcards with the community.
  • Students' Council

    Students' Council

    Students' Council is an elected body that advocates on behalf of students, serves as representatives to the Board of Managers, and more.
  • The Women's Center

    The Women's Center

    The Women's Center is a safe, non-political space on campus that is open to both sexes, providing a network of support, resources, and information to the community.

2011 Blogs

  • A New Yorker in Paris

    Psychology major Nora Landis-Shack '13 is spending the spring semester abroad with Sweet Briar in Paris, France.
  • Women Guerrilla Fighters of the Mexican Dirty War

    During a three-day conference, Sally Weathers will live with the ex-insurgents in a dormitory at the Quaker institution "La Casa de los Amigos" in Mexico City. The project aims at communicating their experiences to a younger generation.
  • American Conference of Theoretical Chemistry

    American Conference of Theoretical Chemistry

    Anna Brockway '12 and Sam Blau '12 are about to embark on their first-ever conference experience, to the American Conference of Theoretical Chemistry (ACTC) in Telluride, Colorado.

2010 Blogs

  • Biophysical Society

    2010 Biophysical Society

    Assistant Prof. of Chemistry Casey Londergan blogs about his and his students' experience at the 2010 Biophysical Society annual meeting in San Francisco.
  • Creative Control

    Creative Control

    Howard Brown '12 proves it's possible for musically talented people to flourish at Haverford without playing an instrument or singing in a choir. Sponsored by the Student Arts Fund.
  • Mapping Identity

    Mapping Identity

    Janet Yoon '10 documents her work on Mapping Identity, an exhibit co-curated with Professor Carol Solomon and set to open Spring 2010 in Haverford's Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery.
  • The Music of Erich Zann

    The Music of Erich Zann

    Kyle McCloskey '11 chronicles the production process, from set and makeup designs to editing and score recordings, of creating a silent film at Haverford through the Student Arts Fund.
  • Chamber Singers Turkey-Tour

    Chamber Singers Turkey-Tour

    The Chamber Singers visited Turkey in Spring, 2010 and shared music and discussions of cultural and political issues with students at Bilkent, Bogazici, Anadolu, and Koc universities.
  • #Digital Fame

    Digital Fame

    Patrick Phelan '11 & Andrew Smith '11 explore what it means to be a celebrity and the cultural half-life of fame in the age of condensing Warhol's "fifteen minutes" into a single viral moment.
  • Men's Lacrosse in Australia

    Men's Lacrosse in Australia

    Ian Holmes '10 brings to life the men's lacrosse team trip to Australia in January 4, 2010.
  • Listening Project

    The Listening Project

    A student-centric storytelling project, the LP's main goal is to collect/record students' stories about their time at Haverford.

2009 Blogs

  • 127 Egyptian Nights

    127 Egyptian Nights

    Michael Novinson '10 is a political science major, education minor, and prospective journalist. He will be studying abroad in Cairo during the spring semester.
  • Alternative Spring Break

    Alternative Spring Break '09

    Campus Philly and 20 college students decided against spending money on airfare, hotels over Spring Break. Instead, they stayed in the City to focus on helping their local community.
  • among friends field trip guide

    among friends: field trip guide

    Documents the three days of non-stop field trips that students organized for Harrell Fletcher's visit to Haverford as part of the among friends Symposium.
  • Screening Music

    Screening Music

    How does film change the way we perceive music? Jane Holloway '11 and Genna Cherichello '11 explore this through their Student Seminar blog.
  • Alternative Spring Break

    2009 Presidential Inauguration

    Lauren Dickey '10, Roby Yoskowitz '09, Alexa Kutler '11 and Student Activities Director Jason McGraw shared their photos and experiences from the inauguration of President Obama.
  • among friends

    among friends

    The 2009 Hurford Humanities Center Mellon Symposium was a series of four simultaneous, collaborative workshops that teamed contemporary artists with Haverford students.
  • Cape Town | South Africa

    Cape Town | South Africa

    Alexa Kutler '11 shared photos from her semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, while there studying about Religion, Race and Conflicts in South Africa.
  • Research Cruise

    Research Cruise

    Adam Subhas '09 went on a month-long research cruise with Jess Adkins '90 looking for deep sea corals.

2008 Blogs

  • Ariel Herm

    Field Hockey in Buenos Aires

    Ariel Herm '10 blogged for the Haverford College Field Hockey team during their trip to Argentina.
  • Melbourne

    Fords Down Under

    Biology majors Andrew Rech '09, Theonie Anastassiadis '09 and Alexander Davies '09 studied abroad for a semester at the University of Melbourne in Australia.
  • Dublin

    Men's Basketball in Ireland

    Greg Rosnick '09 blogged for the Haverford College Men's Basketball team during their trip to Ireland.
  • Cape Town

    'Ford Scientists in So. California

    Ben Pyenson '09 & Adam Subhas '09 were participating in separate Research Experience for Undergraduates programs at USC in L.A. for the summer.
  • India

    The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Five Haverford students traveled to the Middle East to work and study with Israeli and Palestinian peace activists. The trip was sponsored by the CPGC.
  • Guatemala

    Poli Sci/Hist 233: Guatemala

    History/Political Science 233, co-taught by Anita Isaacs and Alex Kitroeff, visited Guatemala, where they spent eight days traveling and studying its history.