• Helen K White Lab

    Helen K White Lab

    Assistant Professor White is reporting on her lab as they investigate how organic compounds persist in the environment and move between different reservoirs.
  • Science of Relationships

    Science of Relationships

    Associate Professor of Psychology Benjamin Le co-founded and contributes to ScienceOfRelationships.com.
  • A Travelling Medievalist's Blog

    A Travelling Medievalist's Blog

    Associate Professor of English Maud McInerney is going to be in a great many interesting places looking at art and architecture from the perspective of someone whose research interests lie in the 12th-15th centuries.
  • Memory || Place || Desire: Art of the Maghreb in 2014

    Moroccan artists Mohamed El baz and Mustapha Akrim will be in residence creating work for the forthcoming exhibition Memory, Place, Desire: Contemporary Art of the Maghreb and the Maghrebi Diaspora opening October 24th, 2014.
  • Astronoblog


    Assistant Professor Beth Willman provides a window into what they do here in the Haverford astronomy program.
  • Diversity Through Accessibility

    Diversity Through Accessibility

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science John "JD" Dougherty blogs on exploring how to design and implement tools and teaching methods to resolve issues in both diversity and accessibility.
  • IRIS


    Assistant Professor Bret Mulligan blogs on news and events (mostly) related to Haverford Classics courses.