Practice Rooms

Union Music Building


Students can practice in Union classrooms 111 and 114 when classes are not in session. Students should check the schedules outside the doors to see what times the rooms are in use for labs, lessons, and other curricular activities. The pianos in these rooms are kept locked when not in use. Access to these pianos is issued to students enrolled in courses with the department of music. Please contact the music office for access.

MacCrate Recital Hall

MacCrate Recital Hall is primarily used for classes, private lessons and performances. The two pianos in the hall are kept locked when not in use. Keys to these pianos are issued to advanced pianists enrolled in private study or chamber music. These students may sign up for practice time on the sign-up sheet posted outside Room 223 in Union Music Building. Other students who wish to practice in MacCrate without needing a piano are free to use the space when it is available and should contact Nancy Merriam, Performance Coordinator, if they wish to reserve time in the hall. MacCrate Recital Hall is left unlocked except during mid-semester breaks and vacation periods.

Union Practice Rooms

The three practice rooms in the basement of Union (005, 006 and the Crypt) are open from 8 A.M. to midnight daily and are equipped with upright pianos which are always left unlocked.

Roberts Hall

Marshall Auditorium

The backstage area of Marshall Auditorium contains a baby grand piano which is left unlocked at all times. Students may use this space on a first-come, first-served basis when no scheduled performances or rehearsals are taking place on the Marshall stage.

Roberts Practice Rooms

The music practice rooms in the basement of Roberts (rooms 001, 002, 003, 004 and 008) are always left unlocked, and can be used whenever the Computer Lab is open (generally 24/7).

The rooms and areas listed above are the only spaces in Union and Roberts designated for music practice. Please do not practice in other spaces of these buildings (hallways, bathrooms,etc.)!

Please direct questions and concerns to:

Nancy Merriam, Performance Coordinator (610) 896-1011

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