Private Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons at Haverford and Bryn Mawr
Approved Private Study Teachers: Voice

Suzanne DuPlantis, mezzo soprano
(215) 432-5946 (cell)
(215) 848-5438 (home)

Paulo Faustini, baritone

Clara Rottsolk, soprano
(713) 385-9647 (cell)
(267) 519-9427 (home)

Setting up voice lessons:

1. Students must audition for and be accepted into either Chorale or Chamber Singers to be eligible for taking lessons for credit and partial subsidy. Students who have sung in Chorale previously do not have to re-audition, but must continue in Chorale during any semester they are taking lessons.

2. If you already know the teacher with whom you wish to study, contact them directly as soon as possible to arrange lessons.

3. If you’re not sure which teacher to study with, inquire with Prof. Lloyd or call one of the teachers to arrange a brief meeting or trial lesson individually.

4. In order to receive credit and be eligible for partial subsidy for lessons, you must register with both the college Registrar (course number MUSCH209) and with the Music Department through the online departmental registration form.

5. To receive credit for the semester, students must complete a minimum of 10 lessons, attend voice classes with their teacher as announced, and sing a jury at the end of the semester, to include two contrasting classical art songs or arias performed from memory. Musical theater songs can be studied in lessons during the semester but cannot be one of the two jury selections presented without special approval from Prof. Lloyd.

6. Your final grade will be determined by Prof. Lloyd and at least one other member of the music department faculty based on your performance at the jury and the evaluation of your work during the semester by your teacher. Emphasis will be placed on your technical and musical progress since the beginning of the semester and your mastery of the songs performed at the jury.