Chamber Singers Tour Program

Overseas Medical Insurance Coverage


Please carefully read the information below and then fill out the online insurance verification form at the bottom of this page.

It is important to realize that most U.S. insurance coverage is not recognized overseas. The student will normally have to pay for medical service, and fill out a claim form to be returned to the home company for reimbursement. It is imperative for students to know the limits of their coverage, and to carry at least one claim form to be signed by appropriate medical persons abroad to facilitate reimbursement. Insurance must cover medical evacuation and repatriations.

It is the responsibility of the students and parents to select appropriate insurance coverage. The International Academic Programs Office maintains a list of overseas insurance agencies; however, parents and students are free to choose the coverage which best meets their needs. We recognize that students have different needs and therefore we do not endorse a specific policy. Haverford's insurance policy does provide coverage for students going abroad. Contact Health Services for more information.

Participation in study abroad programs can be physically rigorous and the possibility of illness or an accident is always a concern. Therefore, it is strongly advised that participants have a physical examination to receive assurance from a physician that they are able to participate. Students may see their personal physicians or use Haverford Health Services. Students with emotional and psychological concerns should discuss their plans to study abroad with their mental health practitioner and obtain permission to participate in Haverford's programs. Additionally, it is advised that the student meet with the tour director Thomas Lloyd at the start of the process and provide information of special conditions and/or needs such as, but not limited to, blood type, disabilities, eating/emotional/psychological disorders, allergies, medication, treatment programs, or other medical concerns.

Students going on tours are also required to purchase the International Student ID card (ISIC) which provides supplemental hospitalization insurance. In addition to some travel and touring discounts worldwide, the card provides (for only $25) limited hospitalization, accident, death and dismemberment and evacuation insurance, some of which is not available on standard policies. Students are given a number to call Traveler's Assistance while abroad for help in location an English-speaking physician or lawyer or in contacting family back home. However, this alone is not sufficient. The ISIC is available at Haverford in Central Services in Stokes (022) or from STA Travel directly.