Private Study

Students who are accepted in a faculty-led program (chorale, chamber singers, orchestra, piano study) can take partially-subsidized private lessons for one-half graded credit per semester with any teacher in the Greater Philadelphia area whose credentials are approved by the department of music. Students must take 10 lessons a semester and perform for a jury to qualify for both credit and subsidy. A roster of excellent teachers who are already approved for study and teach on campus are listed below, many of whom are associated with the Curtis Institute, Temple University, and perform with major musical organizations in the city.

Lessons usually cost around $75 an hour. Subsidies are between $150 - $350 per semester depending on student involvement in the program (Music Majors/Minors receive more subsidy).

Setting up private lessons:

1. Students must audition for and be accepted into Chorale, Chamber Singers, Orchestra, or Piano Study to be eligible for taking lessons for credit and partial subsidy.

2. If you already know the teacher you wish to study with, call them at the number on the attached list to arrange lessons as soon as possible.

3. If you’re not sure which teacher to study with, you may speak with Prof. Lloyd (voice), Prof. Jacob (instrumental), or Prof. Cacioppo (piano) or call the teachers on the list to arrange to meet with one or more teachers with whom you think you might want to study.

4. Fill out the form for lessons and subsidy and submit it to Music Office by the end of the second week of classes in each semester. These forms will be available at the first Chorale/Chamber Singers/Orchestra rehearsals.

5. Register for private study (vocal: H 209 C/F 01, instrumental: H 208 C/F 01, piano: H 210 C/F 01) through the normal registration process. The music department cannot register for you.

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