Instrumental Storage/Performance Rooms


Instrument Storage is available at the following places:

Marshall Auditorium/backstage lockers: on first come first served basis. You will need to purchase your own lock.

Union: Information regarding access to this room maybe obtained from Amy Rouse Union, Room 115 or call (610.896.1012).

LARGE INSTRUMENTS (STRING BASS/HARP) may be stored in either MacCrate closet and Instrumental Storage Room, backstage in Marshall Auditorium. You will need to obtain a key. Please contact either Amy Rouse (610.896.1012) or Nancy Merriam (610.896.1011) for details.


Bryn Mawr College

Practice rooms are downstairs in Goodhart. You will need to get a key and sign out for times with Helene Studdy in the Office of the Arts, first floor.
Her number is 610.526. 5210.

Haverford College

Practice rooms are available downstairs in both Union and Roberts Hall/Marshall Auditorium. There is no need for a key or to sign out the rooms.

Piano/Large Ensemble Rooms:

Bryn Mawr

At Goodhart in Practice Room E, and in The Music Room. Please sign out with Helene Studdy. 610.526. 5210.


In Union, MacCrate (sign out with Nancy Merriam 610 896-1011) and Classrooms 111 and 114. (Sign out with Amy Rouse, 610.896.1012)

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