Chamber Music

The chamber music program is exciting and open to all instrumentalists who have auditioned for orchestra. Pianists must pass a separate audition, held at the beginning of each semester. Students have performed works such as Piano Quintets and Quartets by Schumann and Brahms, Piano Quartets by Mozart, String Quartets by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Beethoven and Mozart, Flute and Oboe Quartets by Mozart and Gordon Jacob, as well as Clarinet Trios by Brahms and Beethoven. In addition to these ensembles there is or has been in the past a brass quintet, saxophone quartet, and flute choir. In addition, every year internationally renowned ensembles come to campus on the Guest Artist Series to perform concerts and give masterclasses in chamber music. Past ensembles have included Moscow, Ying, Colorado, Cavani, American and Mendelssohn String Quartets, the Dorian Woodwind Quintet, Music from Bard Festival and the American, Boston and Empire Brass Quintets.

Responsibilities with the Chamber Music Program

Chamber music groups are expected to meet twice a week; once for a student-led rehearsal and once for a lesson with their chamber music coach. Everyone involved in chamber music (whether taking the course for credit or non-credit) is responsible for attending all rehearsals and coachings. Exceptions are made in the case of illness or serious situations. Those who are taking chamber music for credit risk failing the class and everyone will risk expulsion from their group if these responsibilities are not met on a regular basis. They are also required to attend all performances given by chamber music groups coming to the Haverford and Bryn Mawr campuses to perform and give master classes.

Please fill out this schedule at the beginning of each semester to arrange for weekly coachings.

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