Applied Music Study

There are many ways in which Haverford is an ideal place to pursue your musical interests in the context of a challenging liberal arts curriculum. For those considering a major or minor in music, there are courses taught by the five members of Haverford's regular faculty covering an unusually broad variety of disciplines, ranging from Western harmony, counterpoint, composition, and history, to the music of Native Americans, Asia, and jazz. However, unlike the situation at schools with a conservatory or large music department, non-majors are allowed opportunities to sing or play in fine ensembles, perform as soloists with one of our choirs or orchestras, or even gain experience conducting under the guidance of faculty directors.

In addition, every year the Guest Artist Series invites internationally renowned musicians to perform concerts and work directly with students. Past performers include the American String Quartet, American Brass Quintet, Lionhart, Lyric Fest, Anne Marie McDermott, Moscow String Quartet, Paul Orgel, The Orlando Consort, Network for New Music Ensemble, Tempesta di Mare and more.

For information on the performance programs at Haverford:

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